COVID-19 Update: We are open & committed to maintaining the health of our patients & staff

COVID-19 Update: We are open & committed to maintaining the health of our patients & staff

Keep your dentures comfortable with a Denture Reline

Using the latest Denture Reline technology and clinical techniques, we are perfectionists when it comes to ensuring you have an exceptional fit.

Keep your dentures comfortable with a Denture Reline

Using the latest Denture Reline technology and clinical techniques, we are perfectionists when it comes to ensuring you have an exceptional fit.

In order to maintain comfort, a denture reline is advised every 2 years

hard reline denture

There’s nothing pleasant about having a denture that doesn’t look or feel right, if your denture felt and fitted really well when it was new, but doesn’t now, then it may be time for a denture reline. In order to maintain a perfect fit, all dentures require maintenance in order to keep up with your bone structure in your mouth, which is forever changing, even in the latter years of our life.

Denture relining is a cost effective way of extending the life of your dentures. One may think they are due for new dentures when they start to feel uncomfortable or don’t look the same, but in most cases all that is needed is a denture reline procedure. New dentures are only required if your bone structure changes past the capabilities of the denture mould or if the dentures break beyond repair.

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Why Our Denture Relines Will Leave You Smiling

We understand when you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, it can be quite a frightening and life-changing experience. Where once you had no need to contemplate your teeth beyond your annual check-up, now you must consider different options to maintain your teeth, their function and your smile.
If you have chosen the option of dentures, and they have been in place for some time, it is inevitable they will come loose.
This loosening is a result of several factors which include:
i) the mouth changing shape due to time
ii) wear and tear of dentures
iii) damage to the dentures
iv) the gums becoming sensitive to the dentures
v) weight loss or illness
Here at Golden Plains Denture Services, we are Geelong’s denture reline professionals when it comes to adjusting your dentures to fit like a glove and look amazing.

We use the most up to date technology and clinical procedures to ensure dentures are not only fitted perfectly but, are also of the highest grade material to minimize wear and tear and damage.
In fact, not to toot our horn too loudly, but we are Geelong’s professionals in denture relines.
When we focus on denture relines, we don’t only consider how they will fit.
We also take into account your smile, the way you chew your food, your facial structure and expressions.
Do you clench your jaw?
Nearly everything that your mouth does and how it translates into your facial appearance are part of the factors we include in our due diligence at Golden Plains Denture Services.
We want to ensure that our patient’s denture reline process does not finish with the end product but also includes the upkeep and maintenance of their dentures.

What Does A Denture Reline Do?

To understand the exact nature of a denture reline, you need to be aware that a denture itself is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.
A denture reline, just like it sounds, is simply relining that denture.
The denture relining process is not applied when the initial denture is fitted. It is required over time when the dentures have become loose and prone to move around inside the mouth.

The relining procedure involves the denture being reshaped or molded on the underside of the denture so that it fits correctly on the patient’s gums.
Once the denture reline is complete, the dentures should feel like an extension of their gums.
This means normal daily activities including eating, chewing, clenching, speaking and smiling can be done with simplicity and absolute confidence.

How Long Does a Denture Reline Take?

One of the most common questions we get asked in our denture clinic is how long does a dental reline process take.
The simple answer is not long.
But there are a few dependencies. These include why the denture reline is necessary in the first place and the type of denture being relined.
Generally when the dentures have become loose because they have had some wear and tear, the denture reline is usually only about 30 minutes in the chair.

Following this, we usually require the dentures for another 3-4 hours, as it takes time to properly reline your dentures.
There may be some underlying factors that inhibit a the typical denture reline procedure.
These factors include:
• The denture reline requires a hard reline or a soft reline
• The mouth has changed shape significantly and there has been substantial movement since the initial shape of the mouth was modelled

When to get a denture reline?

As noted earlier, if you have dentures, it is inevitable that at some point, you will need them relined. In other words, it is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.
The easy answer as to when to get a denture relined is when it or they no longer fit perfectly.
If a patient finds their dentures move around when they are chewing, that is a sign that dentures need to be relined and adjusted.
Good denture maintenance requires a check every one to two years to confirm correct fit. When we assess dentures, we generally advise the best time and frequency to get the dentures relined.

Other reasons that indicate when a denture reline is necessary include:
• the mouth becoming irritated from the dentures
• mouth ulcers developing
• fungal infections developed from an overgrowth of yeast due to ill-fitting dentures
• tissue overgrowth
• plaque building up
• trapped food under the dentures creating halitosis

Why do dentures need to be relined?

When multiple teeth or a single tooth is removed, the bone that housed the tooth will begin to reduce in size though deterioration and the bone going back into the gums. The body is highly intuitive and will reduce blood flow and redirect the resources to other areas within the body.
This will result in gum shrinkage and the dentures no longer fitting firmly, sometimes moving around inside the mouth and slipping off the gums entirely.
To maintain the integrity of the dentures, they will need to be relined to fit within the changing structure of the mouth.
Dentures can also wear out after a long period of use. As they are made of acrylic, porcelain or a hard plastic polymer and constant bite force can cause such wear to the tooth surface and tissue-bearing areas.

Unfortunately when dentures have not been cared for and cleaning has not been correctly maintained, denture issues arise.

One of the most common mistakes we see is when dentures have been placed in boiling hot liquid for sterilization.
Although the intent to eliminate any bacteria is a good thing, this action may kill bacteria but will also harm the dentures.
Dentures are made from porous material and hot liquid will compromise the structure of the denture.
That is why we, at Golden Plains Denture Services, teach patients how to correctly care for their dentures after a reline. This is as important as the dentures themselves because after investing in the dentures, a patient does not want to reduce the longevity of the dentures through poor maintenance.

Can Permanent Dentures Be Adjusted?

If a patient has permanent dentures, this means the dentures are held securely in place and can only be removed with professional care.
Permanent dentures generally offer a better fit and increased comfort than temporary dentures but they are limited in their flexibility when the mouth changes shape. I.e, they cannot be as easily extracted and relined like removable dentures.
There certainly are merits to permanent dentures such as stability, and longevity.

But at the same time, they are expensive and permanent. Any changes to the mouth may compromise their fit and comfort. Plus any treatment to a permanent denture whilst in situ can be invasive and painful.
We take our responsibility to our community seriously and always want what is in the best dental interests of every client who walks through our doors. Our philosophy is to be here to serve, not to just provide a service.

There’s no need to put up with dentures that don’t fit well or feel uncomfortable. Our denture reline service also includes a full clean, teeth polished and cracks filled, so you will leave our clinic with dentures that look and feel like new again!